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Smart Baby Rocking Bassinet

Distributors and retailers of baby furniture are sometimes conflicted about where to get quality wholesale baby furniture. Apart from the quality of the products, they also look out for reliability. A reliable supplier can help improve a retailer’s business. This article is a guide for looking for a trusted baby furniture supplier.  

To get a reliable supplier, check out the reviews on parent forums. Additionally, distributors should always research the popular trends in the baby furniture market, and the popular baby furniture products on the market, and they should ensure that the supplier they choose has met the safety and quality certifications for baby products. 

Baby Furniture Trends to Watch out for

Baby furniture trends evolve with other general trends related to home decor. Trends dictate the market, they influence consumer demand as buyers are likely to go for the products that are currently popular. Below are baby furniture trends to watch out for in 2024:

  • Quiet luxury: This trend gained momentum in 2023 and is still quite popular this year. The style exudes elegance and is characterized by dark wood furniture with sleek finishes. According to Fortune Business Insights, the luxury global furniture value increased from 22.78 billion dollars in 2023 to 23.98 billion in 2024. 
  • Maximalist baby furniture trend: Contrary to the “quiet” luxury expressed by quiet luxury, the maximalist trend is characterized by bold, vibrant furniture pieces designed to be visually pleasing. Parents, especially first-time parents, usually go all out when shopping for their kids. They will likely forego expenses and pick out bold furniture pieces for their children.
  • Minimalist: This trend has been around for quite a while and there is no likelihood of it fading anytime soon. The trend is characterized by two main features: simplicity and functionality. The furniture trend encourages optimization of space as unnecessary furniture is removed from the baby’s bedroom/playroom. This is important as babies and toddlers require space for moving around for proper development. 

What Popular Baby and Kid Furniture is Worth Investing in?

Wholesale Baby Crib

Wholesale baby cribs are very popular and dealers can invest in them and expect hefty returns. There are several types of cribs ranging from convertible cribs, cribs with drawers, wheelable cribs, cribs with a changing table, mini cribs, twin cribs, and foldable cribs. Mini cribs and convertible cribs are the most popular types of cribs.

Convertible cribs can be converted into kids’ beds when they grow up. That makes them more marketable as parents do not have to worry about buying beds when the kids outgrow the cribs. Mini cribs are smaller than the standard crib. Their small size makes them more portable and eases their movement from room to room. 

Portability makes mini cribs one of the most popular wholesale baby furniture products. Parents prefer to watch over their sleeping babies at all times and mini cribs allow that. Additionally, cribs with a changing table and those with drawers are also popular due to their added storage feature.

Wholesale bassinet

Bassinets are popular pieces of baby furniture as they are frequently used by parents in the early stages of baby development. During the early stages of growth, parents prefer to keep a constant eye on their babies. Bassinets are popular as they are lighter than cribs and more portable. 

Therefore, parents can move the bassinets around the house and carry out other tasks while watching their kids. Bassinets are also an alternative to cribs and wholesale sellers can offer them as a cheaper sleeping solution. 

Additionally, parents are encouraged to sleep close to their babies overnight to reduce the risk of SIDS and bassinets can facilitate that. The most popular types of wholesale bassinets are the rocking bassinets and the foldable baby bassinets. Rocking bassinets help parents get their babies to sleep and foldable baby bassinets are convenient for travelling.

Wholesale High Chair

High chair products are designed to guarantee children’s safety. There are several types of wholesale high-baby chairs. They include the convertible high chair which can be used as a feeding chair, a booster seat or converted into a separate chair and table for studying or any other reason. Wholesale convertible high chairs are popular due to their multi-functionality.

The foldable high chair is the second most popular type of wholesale high chair. The chair can be collapsed or folded for transport. This feature makes it very popular among parents as they can pack it easily when traveling and will not be forced to find a feeding alternative for their babies.

Wholesale Baby Changing Table

This product is designed to provide parents with convenience and guarantee the safety of their babies during dressing times. Babies and toddlers are very fidgety, especially after having a bath and that can make changing clothes very tiresome. 

Additionally, babies and toddlers require frequent diaper changes and this is what makes the baby changing table an essential piece of furniture for parents of toddlers. There are several options for wholesale buyers of baby changing tables. They include the portable changing table, foldable baby changing table, and the baby changing table with bathtub

The portable newborn changing tables are easy to move and have a cover to protect the baby while they are being changed. The foldable baby changing table can be folded for easier storage and does not require installation. The baby changing table with a bathtub allows parents to conveniently wash and change their babies.

Wholesale Learning Tower

The toddler learning tower is key for the development of children. The tower is a platform with safety rails attached to help kids access higher surfaces. Parents are usually eager to teach their kids certain skills and spend time together while participating in events such as baking, painting, and pottery. 

Learning towers are fitted for children’s small stature and the safety rails add a layer of safety as they prevent kids from falling off and injuring themselves. Learning towers are designed to be stable and children can stand on them for long periods without the parents worrying. 

The surfaces of the learning towers are also textured to make it difficult for toddlers to slip and fall off. Broad-standing bases and adjustable heights are also an added selling feature, children can use them for extended periods. 

Wholesale Bunk Beds

Bunk beds are one of the most popular types of wholesale baby furniture. They are not only popular among parents but also in educational institutes and other institutes for grouped housing. Bunk beds are very marketable because they allow optimization of space, they take up less space as compared to having multiple beds. 

Bunk beds are also cost-effective, bunk beds are retailed at affordable wholesale prices. Additionally, there is a wide range of bunk beds that can meet the diverse preferences of your customers based on size, function, and material. They include standard bunk beds, L-shaped bunk wars, trundle beds, triple bunk beds, and loft beds.  

Bunk beds with drawers are also popular wholesale products as the drawer area can be used for storing stuff. Standard bunk beds are popular among educational institutes and other group housing institutions. They are therefore suitable for wholesale retailers as the above groups usually buy bunk beds in bulk.

Wholesale Montessori House Bed

House beds are very popular among kids due to their creative shape. As the name suggests, the beds are built to resemble the appearance of a house. Their popularity with kids makes the beds very marketable and investment-worthy. Wholesale house beds should be sourced from quality materials and should be environment-friendly. 

Additionally, the beds should have undergone multiple tests to ensure that they are of high quality and fit for children’s use. House beds with additional features such as storage drawers are the most popular among buyers. The drawers can be used to store pajamas, sheets, or any other extra bedding for ease of access. 

Understand the Quality and Safety Standards of Furniture

Manufacturers have to comply with several international quality and safety standards that are designed to determine the fitness of furniture for children’s use. Compliance with the standards should in turn earn the manufacturers’ certifications. 

  • EN71 Certification: The certification is issued by the European Committee for Standardization and proves that toys are fit for children’s use. Some baby furniture products are attached with fixtures intended to captivate kids and as such fall into the Committee’s description of toys.
  • FSC: Manufacturers can be issued with the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). An FSC’s chain of custody certification acknowledges that the manufacturer adheres to sustainable sourcing of raw materials.
  • CE: Manufacturers can be issued with a CE certification. This certification is issued to products that have satisfied the European Union safety, health, and environmental conservation standards. 
  • EN 1130: The EN 1130 certifies that a manufacturer has satisfied European safety standards and tests for cribs manufactured for domestic and commercial use. 
  • EN 14988: The EN 14988 covers children’s high chairs. Manufacturers with this certification have met the safety standards for children’s high chairs used for feeding. 

Effective Channels to Explore and Wholesale Baby Furniture

1. Online Marketplaces

Online marketplaces such as Alibaba, Made in China, Amazon, and Etsy are some of the channels that distributors can use to explore wholesale baby furniture. Below are some of the advantages and disadvantages of online marketplaces as channels for exploring baby furniture

Wide range of baby furnitureDifficult to accurately inspect the quality of products
Online marketplaces have competitive pricingShipping costs of bulk products are high
Easier access to suppliersSuppliers are unknown and it’s difficult to determine their reliability
Online marketplaces facilitate product reviews Communicating with suppliers can be difficult

2. B2B Wholesale Platforms

B2B wholesale platforms such as Faire, Tundra, and Handshake can also be effective channels for wholesale baby furniture buyers.

B2B platforms are tailored for wholesale transactionsCan be quite complex to navigate
A variety of suppliersHigher transaction fees
A more efficient interface for searching wholesale goodsCommunicating with suppliers from other regions can be difficult
Accurate assessment of product qualityLess product customization options

3. Company Websites

Most manufacturers and suppliers of wholesale baby furniture have websites that detail their products.

Facilitate direct access to suppliers Limited variety of products
Very detailed product descriptionsHigher minimum order quantities
Customization of products can be facilitatedPrices may not be readily indicated
It is easier to check products’ quality standardsStrict and limited shipping options
Discounts and exclusive offersProduct comparison is tasking

4. Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association

The JPMA is a program that recognizes and honors the manufacturers of baby and children’s products for adhering to the standards set for such products. The manufacturers are honored twice a year and dealers in wholesale baby furniture products can find trusted manufacturers here. 

Easier to find manufacturers who have adhered to quality standardsMembership fee
Offers connections to manufacturers and other professionals in the baby product industry.Limited international market reach
Easier to access certified products as all products have been certified by JPMAReliance on JPMA certification
Market trends and analysis are available

5. Baby Furniture Wholesale Tradeshows and Events 

Tradeshows and events such as the ABC Kids Expo 2025, 2024, Children Baby Maternity Expo, Just Between Friends 2024, and the China Import and Export Fair help manufacturer showcase their products.

One-on-one interaction with manufacturersHigh registration fees
Opportunity to discover new product innovationsConsume a lot of time
A hands-on experience for buyersLocation constraints
A chance to network with stakeholders in the baby product industry. Less time for follow-up like price negotiations.

What are Trustworthy Baby Furniture Manufacturers and Suppliers

Craft Child

Baby Furniture Manufacturers and Suppliers

Craft Child was started in 2001 and is headquartered in Anhui China. The company’s main products are diverse and range from baby beds, baby walkers, baby chairs, bassinets, playpens, baby bouncers, and strollers. 

The manufacturer has a dedicated team that values its relationship with its clients. The company is very committed to the quality and safety of its products as most of the products are used by kids who need to be well taken care of. Additionally, the company has unique products such as the Montessori house bed.

Newton Baby

Baby Furniture Manufacturers and Suppliers

The company was founded in 1991 and is headquartered in Miami, US. The company manufactures and supplies a diverse range of products including mattresses, cribs, covers, sheets, dressers, bassinets, pregnancy pillows, gift cards, and pet beds. 

A sense of community guides Newton Baby and it has a team dedicated to ensuring its products are of good quality. The manufacturer encourages innovation to develop improved product designs that will ensure children’s safety. The company believes in sustainability and has initiated several environmental conservation measures such as cleaning of oceans. 


Baby Furniture Manufacturers and Suppliers

UPPAbaby was founded in 2006 and its headquarters are located in Massachusetts, US. The company’s key products include strollers, baby car seats, baby bouncers, high chairs, playards, basket covers, bassinets, and bassinets covers. UPPAbaby has branches in several major cities. The cities include Boston, Brooklyn, Santa Monica, and Toronto. 


Baby Furniture Manufacturers and Suppliers

The company was established in 2011 and is based in Essex UK. Babymore deals in baby furniture and accessories and its main products are cribs, cots, beds, baby mattresses, nursery furniture sets, pushchairs, and car seats. 

Babymore is certified by Trustpilot and therefore receives positive customer reviews due to quality products. The company provides free shipping and is a trusted brand for British baby furniture. 


Baby Furniture Manufacturers and Suppliers

Boori was established in Sidney Australia in 1993. Currently, the company is headquartered in New South Wales, Australia. Moreover, it has a factory in Jiaxing, China, and stores in several countries. 

The company’s main products are baby cots, beds, storage furniture, playroom furniture, desks, chairs, mattresses, and bedding. Boori provides door delivery and regularly introduces new products to the market.


Baby Furniture Manufacturers and Suppliers

The company was started in 2011 and is based in Manchester, UK. The company has a diverse product range including nursery furniture, mattresses, nursery decor, strollers, car seats, high chairs, pillows, and travel accessories. CuddleCo facilitates door delivery and has flexible payment options for hopping above 100 euros, 


Baby Furniture Manufacturers and Suppliers

Cuckooland was founded in 2011 and is based in London, UK. The company has a variety of kids’ furniture ranging from beds, mattresses, wardrobes, desks, chairs, bedside tables, storage furniture, shelves, and bookcases. 

However, Cuckooland has taken a keen interest in children’s beds. Cuckooland’s children’s beds are designed to encourage children to look forward to nighttime and sleep. 

Ickle Bubba

Baby Furniture Manufacturers and Suppliers

Ickle Bubba was founded in 2013 and is based in Wales, UK. The company is a trusted manufacturer and supplier of strollers, cribs, cots, kids’ storage furniture, car seats, high chairs, and general nursery decor. The company was born of a parents’ idea to create an affordable but stylish travel system for their kids. 

John Lewis and Partners

Baby Furniture Manufacturers and Suppliers

The company was founded in 1864 and is headquartered in London, UK. The company manufactures baby bedding & blankets, cots, beds, cribs, Moses baskets, mattresses, nursery chairs, bouncers, rockers, swings, and travel cots. 

The company has a great reverence for its employees which when coupled with its great heritage as a shopping brand makes it a trusted brand.

Mamas and Papas

Baby Furniture Manufacturers and Suppliers

The company is one of the leading manufacturers of baby products globally. The company was founded in 1981 and has its headquarters in Huddersfield, UK. Mamas and Papas is a renowned nursery brand and has a wide range of baby furniture products ranging from pushchairs, cots, cot beds, baby mattresses, car seats, bedding, baby decor, and high chairs.


Getting a reliable supplier for wholesale baby furniture is not a walk in the park. Retailers and wholesalers have to familiarize themselves with the current furniture baby furniture trends, know the most popular baby furniture wholesale products, and understand the safety standards and certifications that manufacturers have to meet for their products to be deemed fit for baby use. 

Choose Craft Child as Your One Stop Destination for Baby Furniture!

Craft Child is the leading manufacturer and supplier of baby furniture in China. The company offers a wide range of products, including cribs, high chairs, bunk beds, changing tables, house beds, and toddler learning towers. A team of experts manufactures the products, which are then subjected to a series of tests to determine their fitness for kids’ use. Send us your 3D product design to guide us in customizing your product. 

So, allow Craft Child to help your business grow. Contact Us

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