Elevate your business with top-of-the-line baby bedside bassinet wholesale made exclusively by the experts at Craft Child – one of the best bassinet manufacturer in China. Boasting sophisticated design and impeccable quality, our custom bassinets promote comfortable sleeping for babies while giving parents peace of mind. Request your free quote today!

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When it comes to large-scale infant co-sleeper manufacturing, no other brand comes close to Craft Child. With more than two decades of prestigious production experience and a modern 100,000 sq.m. Whether you need a foldable, portable bassinet or one with wheels, we’re able to accommodate standard and custom orders at short lead times. Trust our expertise to bring your project goals to fruition.


Best Bassinet for Newborns

Craft Child’s premium rocking bassinet are perfect as gifts for parents, whether first-timers or seasoned ones, as they have exquisite designs and remarkable sturdiness that give parents confidence in your brand. As a perceptive baby cradle manufacturer, our unmatched customization capabilities can help you develop bespoke pieces that your customers will enjoy and support.

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FAQs on Baby Bassinet/Co-sleeper

To help a newborn sleep in a bassinet, pre-warm the bassinet and use a swaddle or sleep sack for security. Introduce gentle motion through rocking or swaying and offer comfort items like clothing with your scent nearby. Establish a consistent sleep routine with dim lighting and soothing sounds, ensuring the bassinet meets safety standards.

Most bassinets are designed for infants up to about 4 to 6 months old or until they show signs of rolling over or pushing up on their hands and knees. Once your baby reaches these milestones or exceeds the weight limit specified by the manufacturer, it’s time to transition them to a crib.

You can make the bassinet more comfortable for your baby by adding a fitted sheet made of soft, breathable fabric, placing a firm mattress in the bassinet, and using a snug-fitting swaddle or sleep sack to keep your baby cozy and secure.

To clean a bassinet, start by removing any bedding and accessories. Wipe down the bassinet frame and mattress with a damp cloth or gentle cleaning solution. Machine wash any removable fabric parts according to the manufacturer’s instructions, and air dry them thoroughly before reassembling the bassinet.

A co-sleeper, also known as a bedside sleeper or co-sleeping bassinet, is a sleep space that attaches to the side of an adult bed, allowing parents to keep their baby close while maintaining a separate sleep surface. Co-sleepers provide easy access to nighttime feedings and comfort while reducing the risk of bed-sharing hazards.

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