Introduce a new level of comfort and safety with a custom baby crib from Craft Child, one of the best crib manufacturers in 2024! Crafted by expert artisans with years of industry experience, our expansive line of baby cots wholesale is designed to give young users an exquisite sleeping time. As one of the top crib brands, we have the best raw materials and first-class craftsmanship to ensure quality.

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Leading Baby Crib Manufacturer

Best 4 in 1 Crib Supplier

Craft Child’s range of custom 4-in-1 baby cots makes child care easier than ever. Users can quickly switch between a crib, a toddler bed, a daybed, and a full bed with minimal adjustments. These nursery cribs have ingenious designs and come with wheels and drawers to make baby care even more convenient.

In addition to prioritizing practical functions, Craft Child also places great emphasis on the performance of baby furniture in compact spaces. We've introduced a series of mini cribs for small spaces. Despite their smaller size, they maintain full functionality, meeting the needs of families with limited living space.

3 in 1 Baby Cots Wholesale

Our line of 3-in-1 baby cribs quickly converts between a crib, a toddler bed, and a daybed with ease. Designers also thoughtfully added a design that converts into a bedside crib to accommodate the needs of a newborn baby during the night. The addition of premium secure features makes our baby cribs safe to use, giving your customers peace of mind and trust in your brand.

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Solid Wood Cribs for Wholesaler, Retailer and Brands

Natural/Solid Wood

Highlighting natural beauty and durability, Craft Child uses the finest wood to create a range of cribs spanning mid-century, vintage, modern and Scandinavian design styles. Carefully selected by our team, all wooden materials are 100% sustainably sourced and go through a strict inspection process to ensure that your customers get the best products.

Painted Cribs

In addition to utilizing natural wood, we also use non-toxic paints to bring color and vibrancy to each piece of newborn crib we produce. If don’t like dark wood colors with a retro feel, You have the option to select from classic white and gray convertible cribs or customize them in alternative colors. Routinely tested for safety, these paints increase the aesthetic appeal of products without compromising the health and safety of young users.

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FAQs on Baby Cribs

Newborns can typically start sleeping in a crib from birth, but for convenience and intimacy, you may also have them sleep in a baby cradle or co-sleeper for the first few weeks. Transitioning to a crib when the baby outgrows the bassinet or around 3 to 6 months of age is recommended.

It is recommended to establish a consistent bedtime routine, create a calm sleep environment, swaddle or use sleep sacks, use white noise to drown out background sounds, and encourage self-soothing by placing your baby in the crib when they’re drowsy but still awake.

Lower the crib mattress when your baby starts sitting up or pulling themselves up to stand, typically around 5 to 6 months of age. This prevents them from climbing out and reduces the risk of falls.

Standard crib mattresses in the U.S. measure about 28 inches by 52 inches, with a thickness of around 5 to 6 inches. However, it’s essential to measure your crib’s dimensions to ensure a proper fit.

To transition your baby to the crib, start with daytime naps to familiarize them with the environment. Then, establish a consistent bedtime routine and use familiar sleep associations like a favorite blanket or stuffed animal. Be patient and reassuring as your baby adjusts to the new sleeping arrangement.

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