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Safety is our motto

Craft Child places a premium on maintaining high safety standards in each piece of baby furniture assembled and shipped out of our warehouse. Our constant efforts to make our nursery room sets non-toxic, safe, and childproof gives you and your customers the utmost confidence in our products.

Certifications at your demand

Need product certifications for your custom baby furniture to boost trust in your growing market? Simply let our experts know your requests and we will furnish certifications detailing tests completed and desired results.

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Selected Wood

We source the pine, spruce, and MDF materials used in crafting our baby furniture from well-vetted material purveyors in the market. in addition to a strict supplier selection process, we also keenly inspect each incoming batch of materials to guarantee they have the integrity and durability required.


Design/Structure Examination

Each baby furniture design goes through scrutinous integrity and functionality tests before sending you a copy of the rendered design. Any revision request is taken into account and sent back to you for verification until you’re completely satisfied with the project design.


Quality Control Processes

Following a meticulous quality control protocol, our team of veteran auditors runs quality checks after every production step, weeding out any inconsistencies even before assembly. Our commitment to quality production guarantees your customers only get the best.


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