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Looking for montessori bed frames wholesale? Time to bulk your inventory with trendsetting house beds only from Craft Child, the leading house bed manufacturer in China! Featuring captivating wooden house designs, sturdy assembly, and modular pieces, trust the industry experts with bespoke kids’ house beds that will spark their imagination. 

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Work with a Leading Montessori Bed Manufacturer in China.

Wholesale House Beds for Kids

Floor Twin Bed Supply

The ingenious design of our montessori floor twin house bed encourages freedom and creativity for your customer’s children. You can add railings on the sides for extra protection, giving the parents more confidence in your house bed offerings.

Montessori Floor Bed Wholesale

Great for developing toddlers, the floor double bed from Craft Child helps promote independence by letting them move in and out of the bed with ease. Our Montessori floor double bed also features multiple safety to make them more marketable to parents.

a father playing with a girl in a house bed

Safe House Bed Manufacturer

Wooden/White House Bed

For parents looking for classic house bed designs with wooden frames, our line of wood house bed offerings is up to the task. All materials used are carefully selected and tested, while the frames are designed and assembled by industry experts.

House Bed with Trundle/Slides

Craft Child’s toddler house bed with trundles and slides combine functionality and fun without compromising quality and durability. Give your customers the freedom to configure the beds however they like, with high-quality pieces that fit securely for reliable performance.

nice designed house bed with drawers
Kids House Bed Frames with Pine Wood Roof and Fence

FAQs on House Bed/Montessori Bed

A Montessori bed, also known as a floor bed, is a low-to-the-ground bed inspired by the Montessori philosophy of child development. It allows children to have more freedom and independence in their sleep environment by providing them with easy access to and from their beds.

Using a Montessori floor bed encourages independence, promotes freedom of movement, and fosters a sense of autonomy in children. It allows them to explore their sleeping space and learn to self-regulate their sleep patterns.

Montessori beds are designed with safety in mind, featuring low-to-the-ground frames to minimize the risk of falls. However, parents should still take precautions such as childproofing the bedroom and supervising younger children to ensure their safety.

Children can transition to a Montessori bed when they are developmentally ready, usually around 18 months to 3 years old. Signs of readiness include climbing out of the crib or showing interest in exploring their environment independently.

A standard crib mattress (around 28 inches by 52 inches) is typically used for a Montessori floor bed. However, you can opt for a twin-size mattress (around 38 inches by 75 inches) as the child grows older to accommodate their changing needs.

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