Customizing Baby Furniture

When it comes to creating custom baby furniture, no other manufacturer does it like Craft Child. With our expansive line of customization options, you’re free to develop bespoke nursery sets that will truly sell.

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3D Design Visualizing Your Creativity

Crafting baby furniture that captivates your branding and the end-user’s attention has never been easier thanks to modern 3D rendering technology. Combining the latest rendering software and the unparallelled talent of our design team, we’re able to provide intricate 3D renders of your project before sampling to give you room for adjustments.

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Benefits for you:

kid house bed drawing
White wooden kid house bed
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Benefits for you:

baby cot drawing
white wooden baby cot baby bed
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Benefits for you:

baby crib drawing with specification
natural wood baby crib with wheels

Custom Kids Furniture Made Easy


Send us your design artwork

Start the customization process by sending our team a copy of your design through available channels. If you don’t have a design yet, our designers can work with you to have one done.


Revise, review and finalize

Our team will adapt your existing design for the current project and will provide professional recommendations on how to elevate the design to fit your budget or requirements.


Mould making and revising

Once we get your approval, we start creating molds and cut the wood parts according to the design, constantly checking to ensure everything fits and works as intended.


Sample making and modifying

We will assemble a sample and send it to you for approval, where requested modifications will be addressed before proceeding with full-swing production.

3D Design Visualizing Your Creativity

Main Trading Areas:

Craft Child is not just a well-known maker of high-grade baby products – we are a brand that sets industry trends. Our creative line of finely crafted baby products sets sees great support in some major markets listed below:

New Models Launched Regularly

We know how competitive the baby furniture industry can be, and offering fresh products is an effective way of strengthening a brand. That’s why Craft Child’s team of designers constantly releases new lines of nursery sets that capture current design trends while influencing the next wave of marketable furniture, so you’re always ahead of the curve.

Our Works

Realizing all your dreamed functions and catching appearance.

Baby Bed
Baby Walker
Baby Chair
Baby Bouncer
Modern Portable Bedside Bassinet with Wheels
Eco-friendly Solid Wooden Baby Crib With Wheels-4
Adjustable White Wooden Crib with Storage-5
3-in-1 Convertible Modern Baby Wooden Crib Wholesale-1
North American Style Convertible Baby Crib-03
Adjustable Modern 4-in-1 Convertible Crib for Baby-5

Work with Craft Child on your custom baby furniture!

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