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Keep pace with market trends

As an industry leader in stylish baby furniture manufacturing, Craft Child constantly strives to stay on top of the curve in design and functionality. Always looking forward, our expert designers regularly check the latest market trends and furnish bespoke designs that anticipate the next trend in nursery sets. You’ll never go out of style with Craft Child.

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Self-owned factory supporting

Facilitating Craft Child’s top-class manufacturing prowess our central production factory. Spanning over 12,000 square meters, our factory has a complete range of workshops equipped with the latest tools in the market, allowing our team to quickly manufacture wholesale baby furniture at affordable costs and impeccable quality.

Endless possibilities for custom baby furniture

Customization is a crucial part of a baby furniture business to dominate the market and build a stronger brand. Craft Child helps you in this aspect by offering an assortment of customization options through the help of expert designers and seasoned craftsmen. There’s a world of possibilities with our modification capabilities by your side.

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Stringent quality control

At Craft Child, quality is our top priority. Knowing that the most sensitive family members will use our nursery sets, we make an extra effort to inspect each aspect of the furniture and make sure they meet our established standards as well as international benchmarks. Trust our keen eye for detail to deliver world-class baby furniture your brand can rely on.

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23 years of customizing baby furniture

Servicing major markets for over two decades places us in a unique position as one of the most knowledgeable manufacturers around. Turning baby furniture into an art form, having the experts at Craft Child as your preferred nursery set maker means you worry less about quality and consistency, so you can focus on expanding your audience and turning more profit.

Hassle-free service

We understand that with considering communication barriers, product quality, and shipping concerns, sourcing products from China can be intimidating and taxing for many businesses. That’s why Craft Child takes the initiative in making your sourcing experience as smooth as possible. From clear and transparent communication to comprehensive services, we make sure everything is accounted for and aimed at your satisfaction.

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Work with Craft Child on your custom baby furniture!

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