Toddler Learning Tower

With years of design and manufacturing experience, we have a range of perfect toddler learning towers that are marketable and are also the most desired kitchen helpers for parents. We have fully considered the needs of children to develop life skills as they grow up, and use the best craftsmanship to design the most stable and suitable toddler towers for children to stand on. Inquire now for wholesale prices!

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Wholesale High Quality Learning Tower to Boost your Business.

Top Learning Tower Manufacturer Since 2001

Craft Child’s production has always been known for its high standards, and for many years it has been delivering high-quality learning towers to retailers and wholesalers around the world. We have continuously improved the design and production of learning towers based on the results of market research to ensure that our products are always competitive. Craft Child has the best designer team and the best craftsmanship in the industry. Our learning towers fully support children’s curiosity and independence and are a good tool for modern families and educational environments.

Features of Toddler Learning Tower

Sturdy and Safe Construction

Craft Child learning tower has a wide base and the entire tower is designed to prevent collapse and tipping. Made of high-quality materials, it uses the most environmentally friendly non-toxic finish and rounded edges, which greatly enhances the safety of use.

Adjustable Height Platform

Our learning tower is designed with an adjustable platform height, suitable for young children in the stage of rapid growth. In addition, this feature adjusts to different heights to accommodate different activities of the baby.

Easy Folding Design

Craft Child has taken into account the needs of families with limited living space, and we have added a user-friendly foldable mechanism to the learning tower. Parents can fold up the learning tower when it is not in use with minimal effort.

Comes with Anti-Slip Hand Guards or Safety Bars

The toddler tower is equipped with anti-slip hand guards or safety bars, which provide double protection for children’s safety. These features provide strong support when children climb the tower alone, allowing children to enter and exit the tower safely.

Wholesale Toddler Learning Tower from Craft Child

Craft Child offers a comprehensive wholesale program for our Toddler Learning Towers to meet the needs of retailers and distributors.


Reliable Quality and Safety

Our products are tested to the highest standards, with each product undergoing multiple tests for materials, workmanship, and safety to ensure that your customers receive a learning tower they can trust.


Competitive Pricing

You can trust that our 20-year-long manufacturing process and economies of scale give us the ability to offer affordable prices for bulk orders, perfect for replenishing your inventory.


Timely Delivery

Our strong team of craftsmen and years of experience in export trade ensure that orders are completed and delivered on time, fulfilling our promises and reducing your risk of out-of-stock.


Flexible Order Quantities

Whether you need a small or large order, we can meet your order requirements. Our flexibility helps you manage inventory efficiently and respond to market trends.

How Craft Child Creates Perfect Custom Solutions

Collaborative Design Process

We respect your exquisite creativity, but also provide you with professional product design opinions to transform your ideas into products that customers will love.

Tailored Features and Designs

Craft Child team will communicate and communicate with you many times to understand the functions, designs, and colors you want to meet your needs to the greatest extent.

Branding and Private Labeling

We would love to see you enhance your brand image through our manufactured products. Incorporate your logo and brand elements into the learning tower to keep the same look and feel with your marketing strategy.

Dedicated Support and Communication

Our team will always maintain clear communication with you and always listen to your opinions to ensure that the final product design is what you want.

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