Encourage hours of safe and enjoyable playtimes for the little ones with Craft Child’s extensive line of colorful infant play yards! Craftily designed with the modern child in mind, we use only the finest materials while running multiple tests to ensure superior quality. We’re dedicated to continuously perfecting our craftsmanship to offer the best infant playpen, creating a delightful world for children.

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Make a safe zone for infant/ young toddler

Whether a newborn playpen or a wooden playpen for toddlers, the experts at Craft Child make an extra effort to guarantee the utmost safety in our baby furniture products. We only use materials that are proven to be safe, non-toxic, and durable to handle long periods of playtime.

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Rich Experience in Customizing Playpen

As a longstanding baby playpen maker in China, our team of experts knows how to adapt your unique ideas into practical and functional products that sell. You have the most freedom of choice in terms of product size and functionality. We offer options ranging from large playpens to small playpens, as well as foldable and portable playpens to suit your needs. Craft Child’s designers can also provide professional recommendations to optimize the bed playpen, like adding foldable parts for user convenience or opting for specific materials that fit your budget.


FAQs on Playpen

Playpens can be beneficial for babies as they provide a safe and contained space for supervised playtime, naps, and diaper changes. They offer parents peace of mind while allowing babies to explore and play in a secure environment.

Playpens are usually used when children can sit independently (around 6 months old) and can be used until about three years old. They can be used as a safe space for babies to play, nap, or rest during various stages of development.

Playpens aren’t as supportive as cribs or bassinets, often featuring thinner mattresses that may not adequately support your baby’s spine during long sleep periods. While they’re great for short naps or travel, it’s best to use them for supervised play or rest, rather than extended sleep.

A Pack and Play, also known as a playard, is a portable and lightweight crib alternative that can be used for travel or as a convenient sleep and play space at home. It typically consists of a foldable frame with mesh sides and a removable bassinet or changing table.

First, remove any bedding or accessories and make sure the playard is empty. Press the release buttons or levers on the sides of the frame to unlock the folding mechanism. Then, collapse the frame by pushing down on the center until it folds flat. Secure any latches or locks to keep the playard folded for storage or travel.

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