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Explore the extensive range of finely crafted baby bed wholesale from a trustworthy baby bed manufacturer – Craft Child. Made from the finest raw solid wood materials and designed by industry veterans, our mid sleeper beds offer the utmost comfort and durability at affordable wholesale prices. Our custom baby beds are perfect for baby furniture wholesalers, retailers, distributors and brands.

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Top Baby Bed Manufacturer for 23 Years

As a global baby bed supplier, we understand the importance of safety, quality, and durability for the overall well-being of infants. Placing a premium on quality infant bed production, our inspectors conduct regular audits throughout the production process and run several tests after assembly to ensure they meet our standards.

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Multi-Function Children Beds Customization

With over twenty years of baby furniture manufacturing experience, Craft Child knows how to make custom baby beds packed with intuitive features for optimal usage. From adjustable bed height to additional storage options for parents, we can develop modular baby bedside sleepers your market will enjoy.

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Two decades of professional baby bed production and satisfied customers is never wrong.

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Two decades of professional baby bed production and satisfied customers is never wrong.

Reliable After-Sales

The responsive support team tackles customer concerns and replacements free of charge.

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