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Boost your marketing capabilities with professional images and videos of your new baby furniture products from the experts at Craft Child.

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More than a factory, we help you to sell

While traditional furniture makers stop at product assembly and ship them out, Craft Child doesn’t end the service there. Knowing how important marketing is in today’s digital age, we also provide high-quality marketing materials to help you reach a broader audience.

wooden baby crib in the bedroom

—— 01

Play Video about crib-video

—— 02

We’ve invested in a modern photography studio with the latest equipment and editing software, allowing our team to generate captivating materials for your marketing needs.

Play Video about bassinet-video

—— 03

mini baby crib with matress

—— 04

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Shortened timeframe & Enhanced efficiency

Leveraging our experience and expertise in baby furniture manufacturing, we’ve effectively incorporated the development of marketing materials into our manufacturing process.

Through this integration, we’re able to maximize the allotted lead time while increasing our production efficiency, making sure the marketing materials are sent ahead of time. This lets you begin promoting your new nursery furniture and secure more sales.


What’s the process?

Craft Child’s marketing material process is done along with the production of your nursery sets, so you get them in time for the inventory to come your way.

Send Graphic

We send you an initial image of the baby furniture products.

Wait for final sample

Our team produces market-friendly materials based on the initial samples

Get pictures and photos

Once completed, we’ll send all the materials so you can post them on your platforms.


Work with Craft Child on your custom baby furniture!

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