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With over two decades of established custom kid products production, Craft Child has the right skill and expertise to bring your project goals to fruition.

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Rely on seasoned wholesale baby products manufacturers to deliver exceptional cribs, beds, and other products to your target market. Committed to you and your customer’s satisfaction, Craft Child leverages our specialization in OEM/ODM baby products production with strict quality control protocols to ensure you get only the best.

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Complementing our world-class baby products, we also provide comprehensive professional services and efficient after-sales tailored to provide a smooth purchasing experience.

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See what’s in trend now and enrich your product lines with the hottest design.

Customize For Your Brand, Your Market and Your Customer

Make your line of nursery room furniture and more baby products more marketable and endearing to customers with Craft Child’s full line of customization options by your side!

Our team of expert designers and craftsmen can help create practical and impressive baby products designs, with 3D renderings sent to you for confirmation.

You’re also given the freedom to choose the colors, materials, and packaging to make your brand stand out. Plus, we can even provide samples to give you a first-hand look at our brand of quality.

Work with Craft Child on your custom baby products!

How Craft Child Support Your Baby Products Business?

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Top Manufacturing Facilities and Techniques

Spanning over 12,000 sq. meters, our fully functional manufacturing facility houses multiple workshops for swift and efficient production of custom baby furniture. Dedicated workshops for raw material processing, parts cutting, assembly, and painting allow our team to maintain high-quality standards at each step. And with 5 main production lines taking care of baby products making, we’re able to complete at least 1.5 million pieces annually.

In addition to our production workshops, we also have in-house testing sections where we can guarantee the utmost and consistent performance. These include salt spraying, paint testing, and box drop tests, performed in simulated environments and monitored by industry experts.


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We’re the Factory that Leads Fads

Craft Child is not just a well-known maker of high-grade baby products – we are a brand that sets industry trends. Our creative line of finely crafted baby products sets sees great support in some major markets listed below:

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