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Every parent can attest that buying a quality crib is one of the most important decisions of parenthood. It not only is a relatively costly item but also goes a long way in determining the quality of your baby’s sleep.

European crib manufacturers have a reputable standard for producing durable and comfortable products. Offering a wide variety of stylish and well-crafted options in the market. Let’s take a look at the 10 best crib manufacturers in Europe.


Crib Manufacturers in Europe

Headquarters: Delft, Netherlands.


IKEA began as a small mail-order business in rural Sweden and has now grown into a global home-furnishing brand that provides affordability, design, and comfort to consumers all over the world. The brand has evolved from its humble beginnings, but its aim remains unchanged: to make everyday life better for as many people as possible.

The brand sells complementary baby cribs and maternity furnishings. Ikea is particularly well-known for its sustainable production techniques and use of environmentally friendly products.


Crib Manufacturers in Europe

Headquarters: Valencia, Spain


Minuca is a Spanish family-owned firm that has been designing and creating baby cribs, high chairs, and furnishings for the newest members of your family for over 45 years.

The renowned brand’s headquarters are in Albufera Natural Park in Valencia, from whence their products have spread to over 35 countries due to their design and great quality.

Their mission is to enhance the earth for future generations, thus all of their goods are manufactured of wood from sustainable forests and treated with antibacterial water-based paint. Evolving, multipurpose, and ecologically conscious. 


Crib Manufacturers in Europe

Headquarters: Ålesund, Norway


Stokke is a Norwegian corporation known globally for providing best-in-class solutions for little ones. Founded in 1932, the business is well-known for its contemporary, Scandinavian-inspired designs that emphasize utility and safety.

Stokke is an intentional brand. Not only do they build things with better functionality for comfort and convenience of use, but their designers also make products that connect children closer to their parents.

Stokke cribs are available in a variety of neutral hues and finishes to suit any nursery design.


Crib Manufacturers in Europe

Headquarters: Como, Italy


Chicco is an Italian company that has been producing unique and high-quality baby goods since 1958. Chicco exists to be present and supportive of all people who care for each kid, encouraging them in the same way as those who truly listen do.​

Chicco’s cribs have classic workmanship blended with current safety requirements. Many of their cribs have lovely, classic designs that would complement traditional or modern nursery themes. The company is popular among Italian parents because to its reputation for quality and longevity, as well as its open consumer feedback channels, which inspire their innovations.


Crib Manufacturers in Europe

Headquarters: Silkeborg, Denmark


Leander is about more than just furniture design. It is part of Stig Leader’s vision, which began in 1998 when his sister-in-law was expecting twins. With the intention of creating a cradle for the twins that is both useful and elegant.

To date, the firm has continued to carry out this vision. To them, creating baby and children’s furniture is a passion motivated by purpose; it must make a positive impact on you and your kid, and they spend all of their time and resources doing so.

Their baby cribs are designed with a focus on providing a caring and comfortable environment for newborns. 

Mamas & Papas

Crib Manufacturers in Europe

Headquarters: Huddersfield, United Kingdom


Mamas & Papas has been supporting parents in expanding their families for more than 40 years. With its headquarters in Huddersfield, the Mamas & Papas team, develops everything from pushchairs and nursery furniture to interiors, baby cribs, baby apparel, and toys, drawing on their own parenting experience to consider all of the important elements.

The Mamas & Papas Harrow and Franklin cribs are popular choices because of their strong structure and attractive embellishments. The firm prioritizes safety and quality, guaranteeing that its goods satisfy the highest requirements.

Silver Cross

Crib Manufacturers in Europe

Headquarters: Skipton, United Kingdom


Silver Cross was founded in 1877 as Britain’s leading pram maker. Since its founding, the famous business has committed its efforts to the production of traditional British design baby products such as quality cribs and prams that are both timeless and sturdy.

They continue to create the greatest and most innovative prams and nursery equipment, such as premium baby cribs.


Crib Manufacturers in Europe

Headquarters: London, United Kingdom


Boori, a London-based firm, has been producing high-quality children’s furniture since 1993. Boori cribs, like many of their other products, are praised for their adaptability, with several versions able to change from crib to toddler bed to daybed.

The brand’s blend of exceptional craftsmanship and unique technology ensures that its furniture lasts considerably longer. They provide warranties ranging from one to five years to demonstrate the quality and longevity of their products.


Crib Manufacturers in Europe

Headquarters: Sweden


BabyBjörn is a Swedish family-owned firm, established in 1961, that creates safe and well-designed quality goods for newborns and parents throughout the world.

BabyBjörn cribs are distinguished by their basic Scandinavian design, high-quality materials, and intelligent safety measures like fastened sides.

Craft Child

Crib Manufacturers in Europe

Headquarters: Anhui, China.


Based in China, Craft Child is a relatively new player in the European crib market, that is making waves with their quality baby cribs. the brand has swiftly earned a loyal following for its affordable customization services.  Why pay more for a ready-made crib when you can pay less for a custom-fit crib? 

The company mixes traditional craftsmanship with modern design concepts to create cribs that are both visually appealing and useful. Each piece is precisely constructed from sustainably sourced materials, assuring both longevity and safety. 


Whether you are looking for a ready-made crib or looking to customize a baby crib that perfectly complements your home decor, the above crib manufacturers are perfect options.

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