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Discover our incredible range of bassinets that are designed to effortlessly calm and lull your precious child into a peaceful slumber. Our team of childcare specialists meticulously conducted extensive trials to identify the most secure and cozy rocking mechanism, ensuring your baby finds the ideal soothing rhythm. We happily accommodate personalized customization and bulk orders – contact us for a consultation today!

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Wholesale High Quality Rocking Bassinet to Boost your Business.

Customizable Bassinet Manufacturer with Decades of Experience

Craft Child has been at the forefront of designing and manufacturing high-quality, customizable bassinets for over twenty years. Our extensive experience in the industry has equipped us with unparalleled expertise and insight into the evolving needs of parents and babies. Partner with Craft Child to provide your customers with exceptional bassinets that stand out in the market.

Features of Rocking Bassinet

Craft Child’s rocking bassinets are meticulously designed, and each feature is thoughtfully integrated to ensure optimal functionality.

Smooth Rocking Motion

Our newborn rocking bassinets are equipped with a gentle, smooth rocking mechanism that mimics the natural motion of a parent’s arms. This soothing motion helps to calm and relax the baby, promoting better sleep and reducing fussiness.

Breathable Mesh Sides

Our bassinets feature breathable mesh sides. These mesh panels ensure optimal airflow, helping to regulate the baby’s temperature and reduce the risk of overheating. Additionally, the transparent mesh allows parents to keep a close eye on their baby without having to lean over the bassinet.

Adjustable Recline Positions

Parents can easily adjust the incline to provide the perfect angle for sleep, feeding, or play. This versatility helps in preventing reflux and promoting better digestion, ensuring the baby remains comfortable and content throughout their rest.

Secure Locking Mechanism

For added safety, swinging bassinets feature a secure locking mechanism that allows parents to lock the rocking function in place when needed. This converts the bassinet into a stable, stationary sleep space, providing versatility and peace of mind.

How Craft Child Offers Competitive Pricing


Efficient Manufacturing Processes

We utilize state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques and technologies to streamline production, reducing costs and improving efficiency.


Economies of Scale

As a large-scale manufacturer, we benefit from economies of scale. Bulk purchasing of raw materials and high-volume production runs allow us to lower the cost per unit.


Strategic Supplier Relationships

Over the years, we have developed strong relationships with reliable suppliers, enabling us to negotiate favorable terms and secure high-quality materials at lower prices.


In-House Expertise

Our in-house team of experts in design, engineering, and production ensures that every step of the manufacturing process is optimized for cost-effectiveness without compromising on quality.

Why Choose Craft Child for Rocking Bassinet Wholesale?

We Offer Unmatched Quality

Our rocking bassinets are crafted with the highest quality materials and adhere to strict safety standards, ensuring durability and reliability.

We Insist on Innovative Design

We stay ahead of market trends with innovative designs that incorporate the latest features, making our bassinets highly appealing to modern parents.

We Offer Customized Options

We offer extensive customization options, allowing you to tailor the bassinets to the specific needs and preferences of your market, from color and design to functional features.

We Have a Reliable Supply Chain

With decades of experience, Craft Child has established a reliable supply chain that ensures timely delivery and consistent product availability.

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