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Explore our highly sought-after range of convertible high chairs and choose a versatile piece of furniture that can be utilized in various situations, allowing your child to experience more than just mealtimes. With our expertise as a reputable high chair producer, we have been creating delightful meal experiences for children with our innovative designs and excellent craftsmanship. We are open to wholesale orders and offer customization options for our products.

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Wholesale High Quality Convertible High Chair to Boost your Business.

Leading Convertible High Chair Manufacturer Since 2001

Since 2001, Craft Child has been at the forefront of designing and manufacturing convertible high chairs. Our commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction has established us as a trusted leader in the industry. With over two decades of experience, we have perfected the art of creating high chairs that grow with children, providing adaptable solutions for families around the world.

Common Convertible High Chair Configurations

The Craft Child convertible high chair range features a wide range of models with different conversion configurations to suit different customer needs.

Infant High Chair

This configuration features a reclining seat that supports infants who are not yet able to sit up on their own, ensuring they can participate in family mealtimes from an early age. The high chair is equipped with a five-point safety harness that keeps the infant securely strapped in, preventing any slips or falls.

Toddler High Chair

This mode offers a more upright seating position, suitable for toddlers who can sit up without support. The height of the seat can be adjusted to match the height of the dining table, allowing the child to join the family at mealtime.

Booster Seat

This configuration allows the high chair to be placed securely on top of a standard dining chair, bringing the child up to table height. The removable tray can still be used if needed, or the child can use the dining table directly. This mode promotes independence by allowing the child to eat alongside the family at the dining table.

Toddler Chair

In the toddler chair mode, the high chair can be adjusted to a lower height, making it suitable for use at a child-sized table. This configuration is perfect for toddlers who are gaining independence and want to sit at their own table for meals, playtime, or activities.

Chair and Desk

For older children, the high chair can be converted into a small chair and desk setup, perfect for various activities such as drawing, writing, or homework. This configuration provides a flat, stable surface that is ideal for educational and creative activities.

Features of Convertible High Chair


Multi-Stage Usability

From a high chair for infants to a booster seat for toddlers and even a regular chair for older children, our convertible designs ensure long-term usability.


Adjustable Height and Recline

The high chair features adjustable height settings and reclining positions, allowing parents to find the most comfortable and suitable setup for their child.


Removable and Adjustable Tray

The tray is not only removable for easy cleaning but also adjustable to fit the child as they grow.


Five-Point Safety Harness

Our high chairs come equipped with a five-point safety harness, the harness is designed to be easy to buckle and unbuckle, providing security without sacrificing convenience.

Custom Convertible High Chair in Craft Child

Design and Features Customization

We can modify the design, including dimensions, colors, and materials, to match your branding and target market.

Branding Options

Enhance brand visibility with custom logos and branding on the high chairs. We offer various options for incorporating your brand identity.

Special Features

If you have specific requirements, such as additional safety features, extra storage options, or unique configurations, we can incorporate these into the design.

Packaging and Instructions

Customized packaging and instructional materials can be provided to enhance the unboxing experience and ensure ease of use.

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