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Eco-Friendly Gray Mini Convertible Crib

Exploring Singapore’s leading baby cot manufacturers offers distinct perspectives on the industry’s variety and creativity. This rundown introduces you to Singapore’s top ten baby cot manufacturers, with a mix of established stalwarts and upcoming innovators. These manufacturers focus on product quality and safety and are suitable for retailers to place bulk orders.

Picket&Rail Baby&Kids

Baby Cot Manufacturers in Singapore

Picket & Rail manufactures furniture and baby products. It sells bedding, baby cots, mattresses, baby bar seats, dining tables, modular couches, recliners, cupboards, chairs, and other home design items.

The woods used in Picket & Rail’s baby cots are always 100% sustainable, sourced legally, low in chemicals, and designed to last.  Picket & Rail always offers a diverse selection of high-quality furniture to meet the demands of its clients at a broad range of budgets. Regardless of the product, it ensures that the highest quality furniture reaches its clients, and even their offspring in the future.

Piccolo House

Baby Cot Manufacturers in Singapore

Piccolo House provides baby cribs constructed of robust and lasting wood. Their trendy baby cots, made from a blend of sustainable solid wood and engineered lumber, are great value and built to support your young one comfortably.

For more than a century, cabinetmakers and woodworkers have preferred this brand. The firm also provides customization choices, allowing parents to select from a range of colors and finishes to complement their nursery decor.


Baby Cot Manufacturers in Singapore

motherswork is a top premium supplier of mother, baby, and children’s items in Singapore and China. mothersWork is more than simply a retail store. motherswork is an information and resource curator providing convenience and service to moms who desire the best for their children.

motherswork is a complete baby and parenting business that sells a variety of baby supplies, including baby cots. Motherswork infant cots are known for their elegant and useful designs, which allow the kid to grow with them. They provide convertible cots that can be turned into toddler beds, increasing the product’s lifespan. 

Baby Kingdom

Baby Cot Manufacturers in Singapore

Baby Kingdom, founded in 2001, is a handy one-stop store that offers a wide range of well-known items specifically chosen for you and your baby. From baby cribs and car seats to backyard playhouse swings, you’ll find everything you need here, and each item is carefully selected.

With over 20 years of expertise in the nursery furniture sector, it provides extensive infant care solutions to its clients. In order to save the environment, it gets raw materials from FSC-certified suppliers and employs energy-efficient machinery.

Agape Babies

Baby Cot Manufacturers in Singapore

Agape means unconditional love, and it is the slogan of this brand, which many moms across the world live by with their tiny bundles of joy.

Agape Babies sells high and authentic brands of baby items, like baby cots. Today, they are happy to offer over 250 brands and 5000 goods in their tiny store.

Agape Babies focuses on providing high-quality items at reasonable pricing, making it a popular choice for budget-conscious parents who do not want to sacrifice quality or safety.

Hatchery Cribs

Baby Cot Manufacturers in Singapore

Hatchery Cribs is an elite baby cot manufacturer in Singapore that produces high-quality, attractive baby cribs, baby cots, breast pumps for mothers, baby high chairs,  nursing chairs, strollers, and more.

The brand provides cots with additional storage choices, allowing parents to store infant supplies close at hand.  Their product collection is award-winning and meticulously designed to help you and your kid every step of the journey. From traditional wooden cribs to modern metal designs, the brand caters to a wide range of parental choices while emphasizing safety and longevity.

Kuhl Home

Baby Cot Manufacturers in Singapore

Kuhl Home Singapore, founded in 2015, strives to be a destination store for parents searching for affordable, high-quality, secure, and artistically built children’s furniture.

This brand’s baby cots are meant to grow with your child, with convertible and modular kids’ bed systems to accommodate this. Discover the limitless possibilities with their extensive collection of kids’ furniture, which includes baby beds, loft beds, baby cribs, and much more!

Kiddy Palace’s

Baby Cot Manufacturers in Singapore

Kiddy Palace is a leading baby cot manufacturer. Since its inception in 1992, the business has focused on the creation of children’s and pregnancy items, offering its consumers a large and comprehensive selection of products at reasonable costs.

Kiddy Palace has grown into a well-known household brand in Singapore as a specialist supplier of high-quality baby cribs. This furniture company prioritizes quality, therefore it only employs strong frames and robust foams supplied from reputable vendors. 


Baby Cot Manufacturers in Singapore

PramFox is a leading retailer in Singapore that specializes in high-quality baby products, including a wide variety of baby cots. PramFox provides solutions that satisfy strict international requirements while also prioritizing safety, comfort, and innovation. Their baby cribs are carefully selected to offer the maximum safety for newborns while also being convenient for parents.

PramFox’s portfolio includes convertible cots that can be adjusted as the kid grows, assuring long-term value and usefulness. The company’s emphasis on quality ensures that each product is made to last, using long-lasting materials and smart design components. This firm not only manufactures furniture but also has a crew that inspects it to ensure high quality.

Craft Child

Baby Cot Manufacturers in Singapore

Craft Child is a prominent baby cot manufacturer based in China. Thanks to its innovative manufacturing capabilities and affordable pricing, it has enlarged its area of operation and is now a respected supplier of baby cribs in the Singapore furniture marketplace.

Their products are made from high-quality, environmentally friendly materials and are intended to fulfill the demands of modern parents while conforming to demanding international safety regulations. Craft Child provides a variety of designs that complement any home décor while focusing on both usefulness and aesthetic appeal. Their dedication to customer satisfaction and continual innovation has earned them a valued reputation among Singaporean parents.


When looking for a crib manufacturer, you need to carefully examine their product quality, product safety, and brand reputation. A good partner will make your business more successful.

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