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  • Quality Baby Wood Sleeping Crib with Universal Wheels

    Natural Wood Baby Crib , ,

    Product Functions :

    - The front guardrail can be opened and merged with the adult bed
    - The bed head can be lengthened
    - Three levels of bed height adjustment
    - There is a large space storage layer
    - Can be turned into a desk, can be turned into a shaker, can be used as a game bed.

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    Quality baby wood sleeping crib with universal wheels

    About This Product :

    The height of this quality baby wood sleeping crib can be adjusted in three levels to meet the needs of babies of different ages. The side rail is put down and joined with the adult bed, so it is easier for mothers to coax their babies to breastfeed. The headboard can also be lengthened. The environmental protection material anti-gnawing strip protects the baby’s teeth from harm. There is a large storage layer at the bottom of the bed, which is convenient for storing baby’s favorite clothes.
    It is constructed out of rich New Zealand pine wood, safe and sturdy. The crib has four wheels, which can be easily moved and used in different rooms. All wheels are equipped with brakes, which can lock and fix the crib at any time.
    Transforms into a rocking cradle by rotating legs in upward position. On pulling out the 4 wheels, it can be used as a rocker. It can also be used as a game bed or study desk.


    Type Baby Crib
    Brand Name Craft
    Product Number WBB260
    Product Size 104.2*65*100.2cm
    Sample Available
    Material Solid wood
    Place of origin Anhui.China
    MOQ 50Pcs
    Assembled Dimension 101*67*15cm
    Packing 1 Piece/Carton
    Quality baby wood sleeping cribs with universal wheels

    Quality baby wood sleeping cribs with universal wheels

    Quality baby wood sleeping crib with universal wheels size

    Quality baby wood sleeping crib with universal wheels size

    1. Independent swing lever

    2. mosquito-net

    3. Universal wheel

    4. net holder

    5. preventable gnawing strip rubber

    6. Extended bracket

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