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  • 4 In 1 Europe Style Baby Nursery Furniture Wooden Baby Cribs

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    Product Functions :

    . The front guardrail can be opened. Combined with the adult bed
    . The bed head can be lengthened to fit the growth of baby;
    . The height of the bed board is adjusted in four steps, cab be used as sleeping bed
    . Have a large storage space, convenient for storing baby goods;
    . Variable desk
    . Can play the game bed
    . Variable shaker

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    4 In 1 Europe Style Baby Nursery Furniture Wooden Baby Cribs

    About This Product :

    We want to provide you with the most accurate product information and our best service. Baby Nursery Furniture is made from imported pine wood from New Zealand. Our Wooden Baby Cribs can support customization for different customer needs: customized content including: product size, product logo, product gimmick, etc.In addition, we also have different bedding for our beds, so that we can meet the needs of our customers. What you want we have here.


    Wooden Baby Cribs is Built by experienced worker .

    Baby Nursery Furniture is Made from New Zealand pine that are most Eco-friendly and safest

    Wooden Furniture Nursery  is crafted by artisan with meticulous care. Given its handmade and hand-finished nature, each term is unique.


    Type Baby Nursery Furniture
    Brand Name Craft
    Product Number WBB1106
    Product Size 126.9*70*102cm
    Sample Available
    Material Solid wood
    Place of origin Anhui China
    MOQ 50Pcs
    Assembled Dimension 128*81*18 cm
    Packing 1 Piece/Carton
    Baby bed wooden kids furniture

    4 In 1 Europe Style Baby Nursery Furniture Wooden Baby Cribs














    Baby Cribs Wooden

    Europe Style Baby Nursery Furniture Wooden Baby Cribs

    1. Independent swing lever

    2.With mosquito-net,Better for looking after the baby

    3. Universal wheel,

    4. net holder

    5. preventable gnawing strip rubber

    6. Universal castor , move conveniently , with braking function

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